Joyce Lee – Three Books that Mattered

Paula’s Comment - One of the blessings of being in ministry is meeting and being befriended by other servants of the Lord. Ron and I agree that one of our favorite Pastors is John Lee. He leads a small church but has a huge heart as does his family and parishioners. Because of this, I wasn’t surprised when his daughter, Joyce wrote a response to my question. I was amazed by how quickly she responded since her days are filled. Furthermore, the detailed descriptions of each book, and its meaning to her, there sequential place in her life and how they helped her become a daughter any father would be proud to call their own reminded me once more that books can challenge, inform and encourage us but only Messiah can mold us into what He wants us to become.

Joyce's Books...

I read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom when I was fourteen years old. This book gave me a real life example of those who stand up for what is right and encouraged my faith in God by hearing about the many miraculous ways God was faithful to Corrie and her sister.

At twenty nine I read Crazy Love by Francis Chan which helped me see the importance of "loving Jesus" and not only "knowing Him intellectually." It challenged me to think about using finances and time differently. It vividly illustrated that I live my life as an "extra" in the movie where God is the "main character.”

Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper, which I read at thirty, coupled with Crazy Love that I read the year before helped me live differently in light of the fact that our lives are short. These books helped me see how to live a practical life with eternity in mind and helped me understand what "glorifying God' in all we do, actually means.

Joyce, thank you for sharing about the books that you found significant and why…
Since we know that, what we are reflects everything we have experienced it is important that we treat reading as we would nutrition. Nutrition for the mind, head and heart is good but nutrition, which yields a bountiful harvest for Messiah, is best. So next time you are looking for a good book to read ask Him and chose what is best which in my opinion, no matter the genre, will always be something that upholds what God values or teach us a Godly lesson.
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