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And Now Chaz...

As a scribe for God, I planned to write one book about three women, two who meet while walking the Appalachian Trail and a third who joins them. When I discovered that the third character was a Sephardic Jew, I was unable to move forward with the story since I had never known a Spanish Jew. A week later, I attended a Messianic conference. During lunch with seven of my friends, I admitted, “I need help.”

“What do you need help with? Corrine asked.

“I need information about a Sephardic woman I’m supposed to write about.”

“My husband, Hilario, is a Sephardic Jew. I lived in Spain for fifteen years. We have books about the Jews and the Inquisition. I will ask Hilario to select a few for you to read,” Trish offered.

“There’s a great book for sale here!” Corrine exclaimed. “It will give you information on the Inquisition, how the Jews fled as well as their presence in New Spain, which is now Mexico.”

“Then, of course, there are the little known towns in the Basque region of Spain like Ulibarri, where my family lived,” Janice added.

I thought I would write what I wanted to write. However, God equipped me to write what He wanted me to write. First, with the books my Sephardic friends gave me, later with the resources I needed for my extensive research, which breathed life into the six novels of the Casa Saga.

When asked about being an author, I like to say, “Many believe that God calls the equipped. In my case, God equipped me once I responded to His call and because of His calling, my heart which at first was filled with sorrow, rejoiced in Him.”

After writing for three years and completing five of the six novels, God had me put the work aside. If He had not called, directed, and taught me the blessing of being a scribe for Him, I might not have been able to stop. Yet, His words still ringing in my heart the Holy Spirit reminded me of all the times I had thought I misunderstood what I was given and wondered if I should change the text. However, God always insisted that I was not to edit Him so I learned to rest in the Lord. During this time, it was especially important that I had learned this skill because many trials befell Ron and me from my broken hip, to shattered relationships. Furthermore, every time I visited with a writer or author friend of mine they would ask, “How is the writing going?”

I found myself saying, “I am waiting upon the Lord.” I truly believed that there were things God needed to teach or show me. For the first time in my life, I was in no hurry to move forward for the journey thus far had been one of focused though joyful endurance. Yet at the very moment that I should have relaxed, I began to feel like an expectant mother, knowing that a babe was being birthed, knowing the sex, and exact design of every aspect of that precious child, but not knowing when that miracle would happen.

I felt that way until I attended services last Shabbat. I had gotten in the habit of taking a journal with me because our rabbi’s sermons always stirred something within me and being a writer I wanted to write down what he said and what God revealed. However, last Shabbat I received a blessing I did not expect when the worship team sang songs that contained these words;

1. The Fallen Tent of David

2. The Daughter of Zion

3. A Royal Gem in the Hand of God

4. Behold Yeshua Comes

5. The Steps of a Good Man

6. Psalm 125: 1 “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore.”

Suddenly I understood how Messiah wanted the last book to begin. If you think it odd that, I am now mentioning Yeshua where before I wrote about God let me share that the change is deliberate. Chaz, Naomi’s husband, becomes more than a hero. For in the last book he becomes a foreshadowing of Messiah Ben David – The King Messiah, who returns to claim His bride, and with whom believers will tabernacle with forever.

Next entry, “In the Beginning.
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Tomorrow Chaz! Wonder what I mean? Stay tune…

Tomorrow I begin writing the sixth and last book to the Casa Saga, posting the story of how God called the books out, and my writing journey. Interested? Don’t miss a moment! Sign up now to follow my blog.
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Blogger App Given to the First Ten Followers that Respond

Dear Followers,

I have never used this space to promote your readership once you joined. However, today blogger notified me that 10 people could get an app and read my “Year of 5,000 Books” from their phone. To bring a person into the system I need you to email me from the blog. If you are new to the blog and wish to receive the app please become a follower and email me through this system.

Since I have more than ten followers space is limited please get back to me as soon as possible!

Yours in Messiah,
Paula Rose Michelson
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Today I Officially Entered the 21st Century! By Paula Rose Michelson

Rarely does one as set in her ways as I am find themselves eager to learn about things that many would chose to side step saying, “I’m to set in my ways and can get along without knowing…” However, if that person is as lucky as I am, they have a friend like Kathy Free to show them all that new technology can do for them and for their work.

Until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of personal apps. Nor had I noticed that business apps were taking over the marketplace. All that changed when Kathy, a long time acquaintance of mine, made it her mission to help me achieve my, “Year of 5,000 Books.” I am certain that she did not expect her interest in my work, coupled with my broken hip, to bring her into my life when I needed someone to be home when the hospital released me. Nor, do I imagine that when she offered to assist me that she’d ever thought a writer who seemed to know it all, knew nothing about modern technology. Although I must confess that I had stopped using the old quill I inherited from my grandmother months before I fell.

However, after a few weeks of mending, coming to consider Kathy a real friend who’d go the distance to help me, and editing Casa de Naomi – The House of Blessing, which is the first novel in the Casa Saga, I was boarded and ready to listen. It took less than half an hour for me to realize that I was living in the Stone Age. What authors had done before to promote their work was archaic when compared with the tools at our disposal today.

It took a trip to the mall to convince me that I needed to update my phone and join Twitter so that the app she would design for me could not only help me reach out people but also allow me to build a fan base for my work. I was thrilled to find the Android phone on sale and delighted to discover that all the bells and whistles came standard or I could find them by surfing apps that were free.

Today I got my Twitter account and began selected people to follow. Just like my FaceBook experience, suddenly I was able to connect with people all over the world! What a way to live! If you haven’t tried it yet get yourself set up with an Android phone and Tweet. And if you, like me, want the best personal or business app set up for you contact Kathy Free at

Be sure to tell her that Paula sent you!
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