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Knowing Marlayne, as I have for over a year I am surprised that I never knew what a gifted speaker she was until yesterday! I was so elated by the events of the afternoon that I, as you might have noticed, didn’t post. Perhaps that’s a good thing since it’s taken me from Friday when I began this blog until this morning at a little before 8 AM to realize that the Year of 5,000 Books is only interesting if I keep, you, my friends, prayer warriors and readers in the loop. That’s what I will do to day. But before I tell you how many books have been sold I’d like to share the last amazing story in a long list of amazing stories so you can see, as I have, how God is working to accomplish His Year of 5,000 Books while I tag along. I must confess, and if you visit my website, you’ll hear more…but I must confess that from the beginning of the first book of the Casa Series this has been God’s project. If you’re wondering how I knew that it’s because I never intended to write these books (again see website) but when I did the characters began speaking to me. Because of this, I called and still call myself a scribe for God. As the one appointed to get the book(s) into the secular marketplace I find myself dubbed, an author/speaker, and now reporter, which is one of the reasons I began this blog. Now that you know a little more about me, here’s the last in a long line of amazing true stories. To quell concerns instead of revealing who did __or said __ I am going to use a letter instead of a name. No, I think it best to use a __ so you can fill in whatever name you chose…Perhaps, if Messiah (Christ) leads, you will chose your own.

The Widows Mite

Ron and I have known __ and her family for several years. She is a unique woman. Not because of her small stature and twinkling eyes, not because in an age when children of certain denominations stayed with their own, her dearest friends were a Jewish and a Catholic girl, and I believe, though she’d never admit that the reason they all got along so famously was because __ saw, as she does now the good in people. All that said this senior citizen is not only a widow who lost the love of her life, she is also one of those tireless saints who has a small place but discovered it was large enough to house her daughter and granddaughters when the need arose. She always has a kind word for everyone and the entire family is devoted to each other, prayer, and the Lord. So it wasn’t much of a stretch for them a few years back when I mentioned that I need to raise funds to have the first novel published to insist, “We will help.” I knew they would for they had been praying for the project while the Lord was giving me the text.

They scheduled an opportunity for me to speak at their church. I was extremely grateful. However, the event garnered little response. That is except for this widow’s mite, which I cherished even more since I had noticed her and her daughter speaking in hushed tones as they looked at what I realized later must have been their meager funds.

Eighteen months later, I returned to that church to speak at a luncheon and share the Lords desire for me to pre-sell 5,000 books. The Pastor, who like this widow and her precious family, had been prayerfully supporting this work felt that many would pre-purchase a book or books. And since this church is one that strives to reach the lost, I rejoiced as I prepared to speak. My heart, which was filled with anticipation, was soon saddened for their new community hall had been built with hard surfaces and no one could hear me!

After I spoke, I packed up everything, answered a few questions, and prepared to leave. Pastor assured me that they would invite me back when the echo issue had been address and I thanked him, though I must admit my thank you sounded hollow. Friends of mine had attended so I listened to their kind words, told them that when situations like this occur (which they have) I know that what God has asked me to do matters for Him more than I realized when I first began. I forced myself to say those words with a smile and an exclamation point at the end. It seems to me they nodded, turned, and left. Only then, did__ walk over to me; place a check in my hand, smile, and turn away.

“You can’t afford to do this,” I said.

She smiled a second time, patted my hand and shared, “Its for the Angel Fund…I want those that cannot afford to buy a book or have no one to gift them a book to be given one.”

That said, she turned and walked away. As I watched, her go I remembered her buying one book for the four of them, grandmother, daughter, and granddaughters, to read and knew she had given the Lord her widows’ mite. I placed the check in the envelope marked “Funds.” It wasn’t until the following day that I took her check out to enter the information into my database before depositing it in the savings account I had set up for the book sales. Before I opened the envelope, I prayed that this family would have enough. Then I reached in, drew out the check, looked at the amount, and gasped! She had not bought one or even two books! Her heart, which knew her treasure, was not to be stored on earth, but in heaven must have listened to the Lords leading for she had given more than most…enough funds for 4 books to be given through the Angel Fund!

I rejoiced, not because of the funds although they are needed. No I rejoice to discover a woman who understand what Messiah (Christ) meant when He said in Mathew 16:19-21 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

124 books have been sold! And that because of the Lords help and guidance! Hurray! Let us give Him the praise and the Glory for He has done great things!

4876 books are awaiting a home. And it is my fervent prayer that during this seeming season of sacristy in our country we believers in Gods provision will show, not tell others what we believe by blessing them, with the gift of salvation!
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