January 15, 2011

Wow! It’s a little before 7 AM and I’m checking my blog! I know two exclamation points in a row is over the top, especially before ones morning coffee, paper, devotional, or whatever you put first in your day. However, today is worship (Shabbat) for Ron and me so I’ve been up for an hour and just like the almost thirty year old in the beginning of the movie Julie, Julia…or maybe it’s Julia, Julie (I don’t remember) I had to see how many people visited the Year of 5,000 books. And YOU didn’t disappoint! Thirty of you checked the blog out! I have to exclaim WOW again! Thanks for taking a gander! When you visit next time, I’d love it if you’d post a comment, buy a book or let me know when you’re going to be in my area so we can meet!

Well as I said this is the Sabbath for me so I’m off to prepare for the day which includes picking a up a friend, greeting, partaking of a potluck lunch and the perfect ending, at least for me, having Marlayne speak to the Congregation Ben David Writers' Group about her journey from writer to author. If your going to be in Orange CA at 1:30 and want to join us, we meet at 1800 E. La Veta, Orange, which is 2 blocks N of 22 Freeway on Tustin Ave., 1/2 block E on La Veta, in a recovery center. That I believe my friend is poetic justice for all of us are recovering from something whether good, bad, inane, or insane because all the issues we face have plagued men and women since we left the garden. Ops, there I go again getting all preachy-teachy, please forgive me, but do come if you can!
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