January 14, 2011 - In The Beginning

In the beginning, I believe one should try to emulate God. Being a mortal I fall short and must confess that my Year of 5,000 Books, if truly begun the day I signed my contract, should have begun the end of October. Now I know it might seem odd to you that I didn’t begin this blog at once. After all, how can one succeed if they don’t begin? Right…of course, right! However, if you like me, grew up in the paper generation rather than the techno-sphere we inhabit now, you might have needed some help. And tonight I was the grateful recipient of my friend Maralyne Groin’s assistance!

If you’re as rational a human as I am, I’m certain you can add, subtract, divide, multiply and having honed these skills your ready to say, “Paula if you figured your year from October to October it’s shy a few months give or take!” Your right, however, a few months here or there is nothing to God! So keep checking back and ask your friends to visit as well and we will see what God will do…and, oh if you’re wondering if I’m daft or forgot to add PayPal, I must confess that I don’t know how to do that yet. But don’t let that glitch undo your desire to help me, just go to my website and place your order, better yet, place an order, then visit Angel Fund and give a few dollars so I can have books to give away to those who have no one to gift a book to them.
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