South Shores Church’s Gal’s Group Made My Day! by Paula Rose Michelson

For many writer's the height of their creative endeavor is being published. For some, like me, that’s just the beginning of the creative experience because unlike our counterpart we seek an audience not so much because we want to grow our number of friends, which we do, but because the reason we’ve written is more important than staying out of sight or earshot of disapproving snubs. For one must be made of sterner stuff than most, or be blessed as I was when a lady who listened to my Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Presentation at a prerelease party, bought, read, and fell in love with the story set up an event for me!

To say that this particular event was auspicious does not fully convey all it meant to me. For having done similar events for 16 months, give or take, accepting this booking was nothing new – although the number of those attending (50 to 60) did give me pause. Aware that my new friend Margaret had spoken with many of her friends about my book and the event, I was a tad intimidated.

However, all that almost angst vanished once I began preparing, which was as it needed to be, for unbeknownst to me, I was about to be friended on Face Book by “OneVoice OneMic” and asked to appear on that radio show. As I agreed peace settled around me like an old friend. I had no trepidation whatsoever until I chanced upon their postings on YouTube! All of a sudden it hit me that dumpy old lady –me had agreed to be filmed and posted! There was no time to diet, besides if I’m not into changing for my health I doubted that I could survive another, “You don’t want that!” attitude fighting within me!

No! I knew just what I needed! I prayed! That’s right I prayed to Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) and you know what? He answered me. He didn’t fix me because I didn’t need to be fixed. He calmed me. Reminding me that he’d already prepared me for the YouTube taping of “One Voice OneMic” by giving me a group of gals that were eagerly awaiting my visit.

So as I prepared, last Thursday when Margaret picked me up, and throughout my presentation at South Shores Church, I felt the Lord at my right hand. And as I heard the words tumbling out of my mouth I knew they weren’t mine, but his. Yes, I’d done the practicing that all speakers must. Prior to that I’d done the writing that all whose books are published must, and before that I’d done the research that validated what the characters in Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing were telling me. However, it wasn’t until the moment I heard a woman ask, “Could you use the mic?” and I did that I fully realized that this novel and the rest in the Casa Saga are God’s work. I’m just along for the ride. I know that because I wrote a story I never intended to about people I never meet.

I relied upon God to show me what his good and perfect will was for me, and waited until he did. Now that I’ve gotten my marching orders I’m as thrilled as can I be, so doing that one thing that most authors can’t after all I’ve done that I shouldn’t have been able to do was just icing on the proverbial cake.

Want at bite? Ok! Today I’m nibbling on Romans 8:37 which says, ... in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

Having trouble believing that these words were written for you? As you walk the property at South Shores Church 32712 Crown Valley Parkway Dana Point, CA 92629 think about the faith of those who bought that land when all they could see was PCH. Then feel the serenity and experience the beauty of the place as you stop and gaze out upon what has been built since the foundation of this church was laid all those years ago. Then let God speak to your heart as only he can. 
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