The Book Corral - Casa de Naomi Book Signing, by Paula Rose Michelson

I believe that their first book signing is every new authors dream. Given this tenuous market where many booksellers have closed their doors and others are struggling to keep theirs open, I discovered that my forgone conclusion of having such signings might not be the norm. When Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing released, my publisher suggested I look at niche markets, which I did. The amazing experiences that followed were as varied as the colors of the rainbow and as lovely. Yet I longed, as I believe all authors do, for that illusive bookstore that would host me and rejoiced when my wish came true.

Upon receiving notification that The Book Corral would host a signing and seeing that they were local, I hopped into my car, drove to the location, and meet Chris who manages the place. Our impromptu meeting left no doubt as to his standing as a bibliophile for he was both well read and knowledgeable about the books within the Corral’s walls. When I discovered that he was a writer, I knew that as we spoke of the event, his heart and mine were in sync. By the time I left I knew that The Book Corral was the right place for me to have my first bookstore signing. I must admit that I looked forward to the event so much that I dropped by once more and meet David, who like Chris is an avid reader, extremely knowledgeable and helpful to all that cross the bookstores threshold, and also a writer.

When Saturday dawned gray and rainy, I hoped inclement weather would not dampen the event. My fears were not realized. For as I watched many entered the establishment looking for this or that book and the staff, which I soon discovered were all related to “Book Mom - Tina” as Chris called her, greeted and offered to assist each person. Having, once upon a time, worked in a bookstore I found their manner gracious, caring and most important of all, not clinging. Many who came commented on the new location (they had moved a few doors down so they could bring in more books) and the new ownership. To welcome those that stopped by they had a fresh pot of coffee, cookies, and sweets as well as punch for the younger crowed.

Since my table was situated towards the back, I set up while speaking with Tina’s teenage daughter, Madison, a young lady who's already thinking about preparing for a career, with a winsome smile that sets all  who might be off-put by such as youngsters focus on the future at ease. Then I took some bookmarks and walked around. I greeted people, gave them a bookmark, mentioned why I was there, and invited them to drop by my table once they were done with their browsing. A few did, and when one person bought a book, I was in author heaven! Then the unthinkable happened! I heard Chris greet, and offer to help two women as they came in. Each held up the half sheet flier The Book Corral had sent, and insisted, “We’re here to see Paula Rose Michelson!” Having heard their comments, I stood and walked forward to greet the ladies who were eager to hear about my writing journey. After they each purchased a copy of my novel there was a lull. When two other women came in looking for me, I knew I was living every authors dream! Those at The Book Corral must have felt the same way because I’m scheduled to return on Saturday, May 19, 2012 from 1-3 for another book signing. I look forward to seeing you there.

The Book Corral is located at: 25571 Jeronimo Rd., Ste 4, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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An illegal immigrant
Bound by secrets
Trapped by choices
An arranged marriage
A forbidden love

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