Heaven on Earth - Powell’s Sweet Shoppe, by Paula Rose Michelson

Since I have a sweet tooth I make it a point to seldom go where sweets are the bill-of-fare. And if you share the dilemma of hips that seem to widen whenever you’re around any sugary food, I know that you understand all I mean without my having to belabor the point, so ‘enough said.’ At least I’ve said enough, until tongue-in-cheek, I share that I asked my publisher to book a signing for me at Powell’s Sweet Shoppe. That’s right, I did! And I almost left without sampling anything, which I believe shows how amazing my Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing book signing was thanks to the help that treated me as one would a very special guest, and those popping in for last minute Easter treats, a birthday party that outdid any I’ve been to or made, or to watch parents as their kids shopped or they themselves eyed and bought sweets to varied and delectable to mention here. Although now that I’m salivating I must rave about their cherry gelato with pieces of cherry that brought the sweet smooth treat to a level hereto not experienced by this confection lover. And of course I’d be remiss if I did not tell you about the handmade candy confections that were larger than I’d ever seen before! But again I must remind myself that this blog is not about the sweets though you must drop by Powel’s Sweet Shoppe in Laguna Niguel, 27000 Alicia Pkwy # E CA 92677! You owe it to yourself to have the very best, and that’s all that Powel’s serves!

Yet as delightful as the confections both sugar-free and not where it’s the help and those that popped in that made this book event stellar! And stellar it was from the perfect weather which allowed me to sit outside and talk with those passing by, to the gentleman who while waiting for the birthday party his daughter was attending inside to end went inside and reappeared with a cold Diet Coke for me to drink. Since I remembered that while visiting the place before my booking to speak with Melissa who managers the location, I had thought of it as WILLIE WONKA ON STERIODS, I was amazed that this man could go in and come out in a matter of moments! For I believed that no one could do that! Perhaps it was the small theater area where the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory runs nonstop. Perhaps the fact that from floor to ceiling every detail of the place says ‘Yummy in the Tummy,’ or as I am wont to believe, perhaps it was because this confectioners and sweet lovers dream is what we all wish life could be like… Yummy with a capital YUM and fun!

Think I’m overstating? Hardly! Where else can one literally have their cake and eat it to? My answer, Powel’s Sweet Shoppe where being sweet is not an affectation, not pure conjugation, not done by the staff because it’s what’s expected, but really, truly experienced by one and all because the setting, help, and every delectable treat was selected by those who know that individuals, a party of any size, as well as a really good treat is best enjoyed when experienced by those that love it while surrounded by those that care!

On Saturday, May 12, 2012 from 11-3, Powel’s Sweet Shoppe Host’s Children’s Authors

Donna Bevin’s
Barbara Ashley
Marlayne Grion

Powel’s Sweet Shoppe, 27000 Alicia Pkwy # E, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677!
For information visit: http://www.powellsss.com/go/
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