The Year of 5,000 Books, by Paula Rose Michelson

On the 14 of January 2011,  my good friend Marlayne Grion had me come to her house so she could set up this blog. We selected the template, she added the features, and with some prompting from her, I agreed to her adding my picture so you could see me. Everything that needed her attention had been done, save one, and I have to admit that when she told me I needed to name my blog, I was stymied! I froze for I could think of nothing to say, or rather call this blog. Unlike the two times I had been pregnant and knew a name must be forthcoming upon the arrival of each precious bundle, I hadn’t a clue! It seemed to me that this was becoming a habit, for I had written a book without a title, and the chapters within it as well. Now, if I did not rise to the challenge, my blog might just (to my horror) be titled “Untitled!”
I closed my eyes thought about the Laguna Woods Writers meeting I had attended, and said, “Year of 5,000 Books.” I opened my eyes, watched as my friend typed the name into the subject field, and saw it become the blogs name. The moment I saw it, I realized that it should read The Year of 5,000 Books, but it was too late, for Year of 5,000 Books now had a Copyright © 2010 Year of 5,000 Books All rights reserved. If you think I’m daft, hit the first sentence of this entry and you'll be able to see my January 14, 2011 entry, then scroll down and see the copyright information that I mentioned. 

Since this blog began many have asked me why 5,000 Books? Today I share why that number matters to me, and if you’re a writer/author why it might matter to you as well.

To get at what I want to share with you, please pardon me for backtracking, which for someone like me who try to write sequentially i.e., in order, can appear disorganized, but here goes: While listening to an agent speak about those who send queries, and thinking of a publisher that shared how unlikely it was for new authors work to sell well, I realized that 5,000 in book sales within the first 12 months of release would ensure two things. One, it meant that booksellers would order my book thereby ensuring that I, would have book signings at those stores. And two, it further ensured that my six-volume Casa Saga, or anything else I wrote would be ordered by those booksellers, who are ever in search of a guaranteed sale to stock.

So it is that Year of 5,000 Books, which I blurted out seems to have been the right title for this blog after all! Therefore, should you wish to join me on this journey please know that books are the topic, both mine and yours. That’s right, YOURS!! For if you write of romantic historic fiction, follow this blog, and wish to be featured one month because of a book or article release please contact me. 
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