What do the Numbers Mean? by Paula Rose Michelson

For many looking at data is tantamount to taking a sleeping pill. Others say that statics rock their world! Having worked for a marketing research company, I learned that the way questions are worded can prove or disprove the viability of various choices. However, looking at raw data gathered without questioning others can be very relevant.

Before you review the figures I believe it prudent to mention that having received inquires about the number of books I have sold through this and my Casa de Naomi Reflections blog, my www.PaulaWordsmith.com website, the various dot coms my novel is available on, and the many signing events I have gone to, I cannot give you a figure because I do not know what is happening within the book market, and I cannot control what a reader will buy.

If you ever wondered who’s reading this blog, and were interested in where they live, here’s that information: 

United States





United Kingdom





For those of you that are interested in what operating system readers use to visit this blog, here is that information:

2,717 (77%)

326 (9%)

184 (5%)

103 (2%)

Other Unix
100 (2%)

53 (1%)

This looks impressive, doesn’t it? But do these numbers equal book sales? Perhaps. I am saying perhaps because last week Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing’s standing on Amazon.com was in the mid six millions. Then the book Kindled and the number drop to the mid three millions! Does that mean that the novel sold about three million copies in a few days? Or does the novels number reflect the decease in the sales of other novels? Because new novels appear on Amazon daily, perhaps neither scenario is accurate.

Or, it just might be that many, like my friend Jane, who read the novel while flying and exclaimed, “I was unable to put it down, and glad that I finished the read before I had to disembark!” readers of this blog are telling others about the blog, their checking it out, and like their friends buying the book!

Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing now available in Kindle.

This is a first for me, but having looked at Amazon.com's Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing sales page, I discovered that numbers (as I have been saying) can mean many different things! Currently Amazon's bold blue lettering says they have eight books in stock. However, the lighter purple lettering above that claim shows that currently they have three books and more are on the way! Again, this leads me to wonder what numbers really mean! Although I don't want to belabor the point, I must add that each dot com has changed the price of the book at various times. I understand that those selling the novel in a foreign market where prices are higher must do this, but I find myself wondering if the change in price might indicate??? 

All I know for sure, is that one way or another we authors have to love Amazon since their the biggest dot com player:  Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing now available in Kindle.

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