Writing for a Publisher or Writing for God by Paula Rose Michelson

Whether one is writing for a Regency type publisher, another publisher, writing historicals, mysteries, or any other type of novel, the overarching themes found in Scripture are the ones that resonate with readers. God fashioned us in our mothers’ womb creating at our core a need to align ourselves with him. We see this truth to be self-evident throughout Gods Word that shows us archetype heroes and villains, and tells us how certain behaviors will affect our lives.

Looking for a heroic man, check out David, from shepherd to King. Need a villain, look at Haman. Want to understand how prayer can save a nation, read Esther’s story. And on and on the list goes. I’m not a simpleton for I know that you know these things. However, I do believe they are worth mentioning because when we use or paraphrase Scripture by populating our writing with biblically based characters and situations, we are using Gods Word, which he promised would accomplish his purpose.

I have noticed that some refer to Jane Austin as the quintessential Regency author prototype. If she is, then count me amongst those Regency writer want-ta-bees because like Jane, I wish to show a world where good, and bad exist, and the heroine or hero must chose. Thereby creating a world where our readers and we discover what befalls the characters who make good and bad choices.

Growing up in the 50’s and coming of age in the 60’s I would have had to suffer through what most of that hippy-dippy era did if it weren’t for all the literature, especially Austin that I read, which informed me of the folly certain choices would bring my way. Since I was not a believer in Messiah (Christ) at that time, having these role models was critical to my sidestepping slippery slops.

Therefore, I do not want to discount what some categorize as Regency writers’ for reading about people that have achieved a certain lifestyle has caused many who came from modest means and did not have role models that had achieved much, to achieve excellence in. I know for my husband is one of these wonderful people.
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