Paula’s Praise Report

Before I ask for prayer let’s praise God with a hearty hallelujah because last night I emailed my final edits to April who is working with me on the galley proof of Casa de Naomi! Today Corrine and I will pray over the hard copy of the novel before I overnight it to April.

If any of you were wondering what it is like to go from writer to published author, let me share that without the Lord, this crucible would have overwhelmed me. I have often wondered why many talented writers never pursued publication. I now realize that if they heard stories like mine, they might have been put of by the daunting amount of writing, rewriting, editing, and reediting. Perhaps the fear of having their work criticized and critiqued caused many wise people who are gifted writers to decide to forgo this experience by never submitting their work! I understand that concern. However, Messiah entrusted this work to me. Therefore, I pledged to bring it to fruition.

While Ron and I worked through the galley proof it became apparent to both of us that the story is so compelling, that our focus changed and we found ourselves reading the novel as any reader would. Instead of editing, we were enjoying! I discovered that our experience was not unique when I posted chapter one on my website and invited people to stop by and read the opening and discovered that two of my Face Book friends were discussing the novel on Face Book. One commented that the posting had errors; the other argued that those issues did not matter to her. Both of these women pre-purchased the novel!

Since my goal as a scribe for Messiah is for Casa de Naomi to be received as a stellar read and a well-crafted text, I cannot accomplish this without your prayers! I have done all that I know or could learn to do. Please pray that God will use the novel to reach the lost!
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