Searching for a Publisher by Paula Rose Michelson

Everyone who writes knows, or thinks she or he knows, that what they have written is the next best seller, destine to become a blockbuster movie. Perhaps I should amend the above statement to read, everyone knew that but me! If you wonder why I said that, being one who could not learn, and then had to learn everything everyone else had in four years in one summer, made me feel that any attempt at writing would be inept at best and most likely a disaster at the onset. Therefore, I am certain that you are not surprised to hear that having written the original draft of Casa de Naomi, I sent it to my publisher friend who had said she wanted to publish my novel, only to hear one excuse or another as to why we could not get together to negotiate a contract. Months passed, and finally my vanity battered and bruised, I decided to look elsewhere.

The word elsewhere does not seem to engender a world where there is no up and down, no right or wrong. However, that is exactly what the elsewhere world of the writer is; for no doors open invitingly while someone bids you, “Enter.” Even if one should open the novice, eager to step through, might find the wave meant for another. So it was with this erstwhile writer cast upon a sea of unknown depth and breath with no idea how to navigate the situation. If someone mentioned that I needed a platform, I had no idea what that person meant. Another might ask who was I to write about such and so. Yet another might question my literary background, or what classes I had taken to hone my craft. And having grown up with a mother who loved to point out my deficiencies, I knew what I lacked. Aware that I was not a writer who wrote whatever I wanted, but a scribe for God, I believed that the story Naomi and the other characters had dictated to me superseded the requirements that educators and many well-known authors held in high regard and began calling around and emailing inquires to publishers and agents.

I continued to hone my craft and little by little, I began to believe that what God entrusted to me had to be published by someone who would not tamper with the text without my permission or own the copyright. The more I thought about the novel, the more convinced I became that God would appoint the publisher as surely has he had appointed me to this project. By this time, it had become apparent to both my husband Ron and me, that my time working for Chosen People Ministries was ending. Neither of us was surprised because I had known, and told Ron in December of 2008 that God was closing the door. By that time, I was writing the third book in the Casa Saga and the more my research and work on the novel feed my soul, the more my work with the mission, which had born fruit, dried up. Ron knew I would not leave, although I had told him I must, until he as my spiritual head told me I could leave. That did not happen until the third Thursday in June of 2009. If you are wondering why I remember the day, it is because having quit at Ron's insistences that very afternoon without having a publisher caused me to wonder at my audacity since I had seldom left one situation without having another lined up.

My concerns where short lived because Marlayne Grion attended our Bible Study. By way of introduction, she mentioned that she was a published author. If any of you have seen the movie “Stranger than Fiction” this is where my reality took a turn that seemed to mirror that movie. Life imitated art when I mentioned that I needed a publisher. Before I knew which way was up, I was sitting in Marlayne’s house, reviewing her contract, and hearing her story. I am still not certain if I blinked before I exclaimed, “I thank God that you came to Bible Study because I know your publisher is the one I have been looking for!”

As certain as I was, Ron felt I needed to continue my search. However, a long drive to Big Bear, while I read the contract, and the beginning of Marlayne’s novel, "The Victor," convinced my husband that I should take the next step and email a query.

To be continued next week. Until then remember that our God will use whatever means he can to accomplish his purpose. If you want to join his team, invite him in and…
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SJSchafer said...

Thanks for sharing. It is helpful for those of us who love to write to be able to read what others have done before us. Congratulations on being determined and patient. I pray that you will be blessed greatly. I feel that God does call some of us to write,some to paint, to sing, to coach.. and others to be a witness. He does not only call preachers and teachers of the Word. We all have a calling and all can be a witness to the Glory of God.

Paula Michelson said...

Dear Dee,

Is seems that every time I wonder if my posts are too personal, someone affirms what I have written. Your comments reminded me once more of my calling as a scribe for God. Instead of becoming an author with without a rudder or compass, our heavenly father has his hand on me and my heart is surrendered to him. Therefore, all I can say is Bless HaShem (God)!

Yours in Messiah,
Paula Rose Michelson

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