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The MJAA Conference...

When I look at all that God achieved regarding Casa de Naomi – The House of Blessing – Yearning, at the MJAA Conference, I am amazed! I had no idea where my table would be, since I left that in our Lords capable hands, I had never sold anything at a conference, and I was asking people to walk by faith not sight because there wasn’t even the mockup of the cover to view. Yet God met me there and while Elizabeth prayed me through the event, we met some amazing people and 11 who visited my table pre-bought 13 books.

As much as I wish I could tell you about each divine appointment, the sudden urgency of doing a final edit on the second novel "Fulfillment" precludes that. Therefore, I will tell you about a few. Before I do let me share that for me this conference was as much about making contacts so that people who live in other areas might hold Casa Events for the book as it was about selling the novel. That goal was accomplished in more ways than I could ever imagine when a woman from Australia purchased a book and I asked her if she would like me to deliver it to her (as I did with everyone who purchased). When she said “Yes,” I smiled and asked if she would set up events for me and provide hospitality and to my delight, she agreed! I believe that was a devine appointment!

Several women who bought the book listened to my “Year of 5,000 Book” plea and committed to hosting events. When I mentioned that events could take place at a congregation or church, coffee shop or mall, home or park another woman became interested in helping me. When I added the library, which often invites authors who write historical fiction, she asked why a library would invite me. I explained how my year of research interests librarians who are committed to helping people understand the many uses they offer and that, that coupled with the fact that Casa de Naomi is a good read makes my library program one librarians will want. This statement that motivated her to commit to having venues for me at three locations in one weekend, if that is the Lords will.

By this point, I was ready to exclaim, “What more can Yeshua do to bless me for walking by faith!” However, more blessings came my way as I visited with many friends I had not seen in 18 months since Ron and I are now fellowshipping at another congregation, and ministered to a few of their grown children who stopped by and needed to hear a word of scriptural encouragement, and at times I found myself listening to others while I prayed for their needs.

The second day of the event I met a decedent of the first governor of New Spain, a Jew baptized into the Catholics faith during the Inquisition. Because of my research, I had thought all the members of Luis Carvajals family were dead, but Phillip was before me. Yet I would have never known who he was if I hadn’t taken Dr. Martin A. Cohen’s seminal work, "The Martyr-The Story of a Secret Jew and the Mexican Inquisition in the Sixteenth Century," and placed it on my table. Although, I had many research books to chose from, it was this tattered book which I almost left behind that bridged more than 500 years and linked us together when he made an offhanded remark as he turned to leave while mentioning his last name. Upon hearing that name, I opened the tome and showed him his family tree. We spoke throughout the remainder of the conference and he gave me his phone number and asked me to stay in touch.

Since I had brought Dr. Dell Sanchezs book, "Aliyah! The Exodus Continues," many Sephardic Messianic Jews stopped to visit. One woman mentioned working with him and I found myself wishing that at some point in the future our emails might be replaced with actual audible conversations. Yet without Dells work, I reminded myself, my research would have taken longer and the evidence would not have been as conclusive or significant.

Ron popped in an out of the conference as he was able and when Elizabeth needed to leave Ron joined me at the table. After a few hours where no one stopped by I sent him home. I must share that I was somewhat disheartened. However, that was not a bad thing because I found myself rejoicing for the other vendors while I prayed that if anyone one else needed to connect with me they would visit the book table that had four books none of which were the book I was selling. Strange as it might seem, the next person to visit was man who wanted to take my copy of The Decree of Alhambra, which began the Spanish and later the Mexican Inquisition. When I explained that it was the only one I had printed out he walked away. He came back a short while later and explained that he was working on his doctorial dissertation and needed the information. We spoke at length and I committed to sending him that document as well as the bibliography for the Casa Series. He in turn offered to send me, once his dissertation is published, his bibliography which will be invaluable to my work on the next series!

Lastly, I must share that I saw that the Lord was active in my affairs. For he placed my table next to Lederes’ which as many of you know, was the publisher I originally wished to use. Lisa and I struck up a friendship and before the conference was over, we both knew that we would be dear friends sharing life’s joys and concerns with each other.

I count myself very lucky to have gone to the conference. I reconnected with friends and their children meet wonderful believers, had my work affirmed by readers and scholars, and sold enough books to cover the cost of the table and books. Women committed to hosting events for the novel, I spent time with Elizabeth, and my husband Ron supported me while each of you faithfully prayed for me throughout this event. I could not have done any of the things mentioned above without your prayers for who would ever buy something they could not see from a person they did not know except by the prompting of the Ruach Ha Kodesh!

The blessings I experienced this weekend belong to you and the Lord! Thank you for partnering with me in His work! So that you will be equipped to pray for those I met I am sending you the information I sent to them.

Yours in Messiah,
Paula Rose Michelson – Author
Casa de Naomi – The House of Blessing – Yearning – fall 2011

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