I Will Host Messianic and Christian Fiction Authors on This Blog! by Paula Rose Michelson

You read the title right! I will be happy to host those writing Messianic or Christian fiction each week! If you’re wondering why, read on.

On January 14, 2011, I began my Year of 5,000 Books Blog. From its inception this blogs goal was to allow me to share the process of researching the material so I could write that Casa Saga Books, and let the reader of my journey experience the process from writer, to published author, and from author to the record breaking sale of 5,000 books sold before Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing released on December 20, 2012. To admit that I did not accomplish my goal would be a hard thing to do, except along the way, I learned so much about myself and God’s calling that what I learnedthe way that knowledge has continued to inform my every choicehas been invaluable.

Now that Casa de Naomi Reflections Blog http://CasadeNaomi.blogspot.com has been up since August 29, 2011, and with the second volume of the Casa Saga soon to release, I’ve added the Casa de Naomi Fulfillment Blog http://CasaFulfillment.blogspot.com, I found myself feeling rather ‘blogged down.’ Add to that the pressing realization that writing three blogs requires a lot of time, and I soon realized that something had to give. Yet I’ve grown to love this blog, and many, though not officially following, drop by regularly enough for me to be aware that if I were dropping by I might eventually stop because the author (me) hasn’t posted anything as riveting as “Was President Abraham Lincoln the Descendent of a Sephardic Jew?” as enjoyable as “The Best Day Ever” or as uplifting as “In the Morning I will Seek Your Face” in a while.

I had thought to just walk away…sort of let the blog lie fallow until it died of its own accord. However, as the creative force that breathed life, and words into this creation of mine, I could no more do that than God could turn away from me when I disappoint him.  

Then it struck me, as things sometimes do…that I have been blessed by many authors/writers/bloggers and I want to give something back to them, and if you believe as I do that the Jewish Messiah has come, though I may not know you yet, if you’re writing to affirm your faith in him, I’m including you as well. So here’s the deal, if you’d like me to host you on this blog email Paula@PaulaWordsmith.com and well see how the Lord will lead.
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