Praise Report – Prayer Request by Paula Rose Michelson

Please pray! Amazing possibilities are on the horizon!

I had not wanted to mention this until Casa de Naomi had arrived at the offices of Grace TV, which is owned and operated by pastor, preacher, evangelist, Peter Youngren, but now I can!

While interviewing Peter for The Messianic Times, I mentioned that I might be in his area (Toronto, Canada) while on tour with Casa de Naomi, and asked if we could grab a coffee. He asked me to guest on his TV show, “Encounter…Your Gateway to Israel.”

A month later, I received information about a local Christian Book Event, seeking author participation. Knowing that Casa de Naomi is a cliffhanger, I emailed the person in charge. When I sent off that query, I realized I should send a revised query to Emily who books the guests for Peters show. Emily tentatively booked me for a November 14, 2011 taping. Rabbi Lowinger and his wife, who live in Buffalo NY offered to put me up, have me worship at thier congregation, speak about and sell Casa de Naomi, and drive me to Peters TV station on the following Monday.

When I received my long awaited shipment of Casa de Naomi, I sat down and read the story as if I were a reader – not the author. Then I thanked God! It seemed to me that the Spirit whispered in my ear, “Offer the book to Peters Ministry.”

I spoke with Emily, she (or they, I’m not sure) visited my website and blog. I heard back from her that very day asking for pricing! At this point, I contacted Tate to see what could be done and long story short, Emily emailed me this morning! The two volumes of Casa de Naomi that they asked for have arrived. The novel will be reviewed and they will contact me by the end of this week to confirm my interview on the 14 of November! The exclamation point at the end of the last sentence needs to read as a nonverbal ‘Tada!’ for the Lord because having looked at what they had previously reviewed, and what I had shared with Emily, they appear to be very interested!

However, to make certain that they are hearing from God, I ask you to pray! I know that having a worldwide ministry like 'World Impact Ministries' involved would help me accomplish what God wants. Yet, I want to walk in the anointing of Messiah. Therefore, I ask that each of you seek the Lord so that if the answer is yes we can come together praising His name for He has done great things for us!
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