This is Much More Than…, by Paula Rose Michelson

When my friend, and sister in Messiah, Heather Micaela wrote, “This is much more than a romance and I recommend it to men and women alike. I felt intimately involved in the challenges facing Naomi, Chaz, and the others that are involved in their life. The author has a way of making you really care about the characters. You feel as if you are in that house in Spanish Harlem. I could hear the accents of the people as they spoke; even the way they spoke English as bilingual people was very real. I am eagerly awaiting Book Two,” I had no idea how God would show me that what she wrote was true! Yet that’s exactly what he did when a lady walking her dog stopped to talk to me while I was inscribing Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing a few Sundays ago.

I must share that our discussion seemed decidedly odd since she told me she didn’t have time to read fiction. However, her questions were thoughtful, and no one else was walking up, so I answered them in more detail than I usually do. When she told me, she was a Dean at The University of California, Irvine and knew the Dean of Social Services was looking for speakers for the program being developed for the Dream Act Students who would soon enroll, and asked if I was interested, I realized this was an ordained meeting!

Aware that it was the book that caused her to stop and that there is nothing on the marketplace like it, I mentioned that if the University would like the novel, I was certain my publisher could assist since a portion of these students’ expenses is being offset by the government. My publisher agreed! And that my friend is all I have to share for now, except to ask that you lift this up in prayer because I will be contacting the Junior Colleges, Colleges, and Universities in my area to if they would like the book too. 
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