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Christmas Romance at Dickens on Main
 Anthology Novella: Time for Christmas
By: Stephanie Guerrero

Much ado has been made of Charles Dickens and his amazing works. I just released a book surrounding a real life Dickens Event in Boerne, Texas, entitled Christmas Romance at Dickens on Main. In England they are celebrating 200 years of Charles Dickens this year. I'm sure we all have our favorite stories.

Among my personal favorites, and I'm sure a favorite of many others, is his book, A Christmas Carol. The new romantic suspense anthology, I’ve written, Romance at Dickens on Main, is based on a real life event in Boerne, Texas surrounding the tale of A Christmas Carol.

Time for Christmas

Love is the last thing on FBI Agent “Wolf” Davis' mind. On leave for Christmas, he wants nothing more exciting than to sink his teeth into some good German pastry and enjoy the Dickens on Main event in his hometown of Boerne, Texas. Then his partner, Angelika Muller, shows up with terrifying news. Terrorist sleeper cells are targeting small town celebrations nationwide with Boerne, Texas at the top of their list. Posing as a couple for the weekend , Gabe and Angelika forge a love that goes deeper than partnership; but will they be able to unmask a mole, stop a terrorist, protect the President-elect without tearing their budding relationship apart? Will be four days be enough? Only time will tell, and for Gabe and Angelica: the clock is ticking.
Author’s Comment

Real life doesn't wait for us to hit the pause button and catch our breath. How I wish it did. Gabe and Angelika learn to walk out the scripture in Matthew 6:34: "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

In the midst of terrible trials, we can only live moment by moment walking and trusting in God Almighty's care. May God bless us everyone as we remember He is our source!

Did You Know? 

1. The names of the Main Characters, Angelika and Gabe, are rooted in the Christmas story. Angelika is for "Angel" and Gabe is for "Gabriel!”

2. There really is an annual Dickens on Main Event in Boerne, Texas every year just after Thanksgiving, and people do dress up like Gabe and Angelika get to do.

3. The Guadalupe River really is both clear and green due to lime deposits. It is beautiful.

 Fun Facts About the Author

1. My favorite foods: Mexican and chocolate! 

2. I once had a hive of bees covering my arms! Since I’ve been a beekeeper, they were gloved of course! 

3. I'm passionate about a redemptive story because my Savior: Yeshua, Jesus the Christ, has redeemed me.

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