When Wishes Really do Come True, by Paula Rose Michelson

Did you ever wish that before you finished asking for what you wanted the person smiled and nodded YES! Well that’s exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago as I crossed the railroad tracks and entered yesteryear or as the residence of San Juan Capistrano call it, the Los Rios Historic district.

If you’ve been on the journey with me for a while my going to the historic district to speak with merchants about hosting a Book Signing Event for Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing would appear to be a perfect fit. If you haven’t, to bring you up to speed, I must share that while glancing up I saw an artistic woman crossing the tracks out as I crossed into the historic past. I had to fight the urge to turn and dog her steps, and I did because I knew that someone leaving in the middle of the day was not what I was looking for. No! I was absolutely certain that what I needed was someone who had a place that harkened back to old Spain, or if that were not possible, someplace where people leisurely lunch or sip tea.

At sometime in the future one of those places might contact me. However, I wasn’t going to wait. So crossing the tracks once more, I scanned the street and realized that the once vacant store front that had stood empty for years whose weathered window panes had allowed a recently re-transplanted native to view the collectables in its widow now housed a gallery. And having at one time been a rather good facsimile of an aspiring artist, I darted within as I joyfully called, “Hello!”

I was greeted by another equally joyous, “Hi!” as the woman who I hadn’t followed turned and look at me. If I were writing a book rather than a blog I might say that when our eyes locked it seemed to me that we understood each other at first sight! And since I’m writing this that’s what I’m going to say! A quick conversation and a commitment from Randi to host a Book Signing on Valentines Day followed. Before I turned to leave the shop, I handed Randi a copy of my novel.

As she escorted me to the door, her friend and fellow artist asked about the Star of David she’d been working on. When she smiled and held it up for him to see, I realized that it was one of a kind, and I wanted it. I reminded myself that I wasn’t there to buy jewelry no matter how beautiful and perfectly made it was. However, I couldn’t stop myself from saying, “If I sell some books I will buy one of your pieces!”

Randi pointed to a mirror. As I watched she put the bobble around my neck and fastened the clasp. “You gave me a book. I’m giving you a necklace.”

I came to San Juan looking for a place that would host a book signing. I left San Juan knowing that I had received a gift I will always treasure, and no, although I love it, it’s not the necklace; I’m speaking of Randi’s friendship.

If you’d like to join Randi, her artist friend and me, on Valentines Day, we’ll be at The Black Cat Gallery, 26755 Verdugo St., Suit 200, San Juan Capistrano 92675
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