Paula Contacting The American Cancer Society - Please Pray! by Paula Rose Michelson

I am aware that authors can affect change because of what they write about and what they support. I have been asking the Lord to show me what he wanted me to affiliate with. While preparing to visit the writers group at Shuvah Yisrael that supported my initial writing of the Casa Saga, the Lord reminded me of the article that Marie Oden gave me, which delineated how four oncologists determined that generations of women that lived in Colorado's San Luis Valley, and had experienced early onset breast cancer were of Sephardic heritage. While reviewing the text, I realized that this is a cause that needs support and, more importantly it is one that affects the Sephardic people because when women become ill, or die the family is affected.

Since Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Book 1, and all the other novels in the Casa Saga will be bought by people I will never meet, and since cancer is a problem for all people, I will contact The American Cancer Society on Monday. I hope to set up something that will allow one dollar from the sale of each novel to be donated to them. Once they have agreed to my idea, I hope that each novel will carry The American Cancer Society logo, and that the cover of each book will say that one dollar of the purchase price will be donated to the Society. Of course, you know that the first book is set, and I cannot make any changes. However, our God can!

I hope you will lift this endeavor up in prayer, that you will ask your friends to visit this blog and read what I have posted, and follow the blog so they and you can stand united in our course.

To read the article, visit The Smithsonian Magazine, October 2008, on line, and look up the article on the Hidden Jews of the San Luis Valley.
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UK said...

Include my prayers to your mission in life, helping people will a honor to yourself.

My Name is Paula Rose Michelson said...

Dear UK,

Thank you for your prayers. Please remember that the blessing and honor belong to God!

In Him,
Paula Rose Michelson

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