Paula Writing for the Messianic Times – July/August Issue

About five months ago, my Rabbi’s wife, Bonnie asked me to contact her friend Karen who is the editor of the Messianic Times because they needed writers. I spoke with Karen and sent her some samples of my writing and three interviews I had done for the Casa Saga. Although we clicked, I heard nothing from her until yesterday when she emailed me to see if I would be interested in writing a piece for the July/August issue. I suggested we talk today.

After a detailed conversation where we seemed to complete each other’s sentences, she told me of several opportunities. When she mentioned the third one the Spirit quickened it to my heart and hers! How fortunate for me that Bonnie mentioned my work to Karen and that she still remembered me after all this time.

Knowing that prayer must undergird everything, I am asking each of you lift up my ability to contact and interview the person that I am to write about and that my writing is clear and effectively uses the voice that the paper has established.

Furthermore, since the editor mentioned monthly assignments and my having a selection, please petition Adonai that I only ask for those assignments that He has chosen for me and that this work will bear fruit and bring the unsaved to Messiah!

Yours in Our Kinsman Redeemer,
Paula Rose Michelson – Author – The Casa Saga
Book One – Casa de Naomi – The House of Blessing – Yearning – fall 2001
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